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Wilsonic belongs to the most pleasurable musical events one can experience in Central Europe. Festival line-ups always contain mixture of unknown, experimental musicians along with rising stars of electronic scene and few independent stars who catch the attention and determine the current leit-motive. Occasional micro.Wilsonic are organized as appetizers and opportunities for “smaller” names and set the scene for the main festival. These, so-called micro.Wilsonic events posses more chamber atmosphere and often balance somewhere between traditional concert and night club. After one year’s pause, micro.Wilsonic finally revives as two days’ set of concerts in freshly founded KC Dunaj˜, space for various types of art on April 28th & 29th.

The forth-coming micro.Wilsonic flourishes with many musicAddicted's loved acts. The most impressive may be the performance of Swedish duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums, who also scored in 2010’s year-end charts. Rivers, their sophomore full-length, combines pompous and anthemic glory with apocalyptic gloom and vulnerable songwriting. Mariam Wallentin reaches nerve-wracking tense through her high emotionality and rich arrangements combining mournful cello of Hildur Guðnadóttir with ominous-sounding choirs. Still, Wildbirds & Peacedrums can step down into fragile minimalism in a second to show their lighter part.

Gwerkova seem as a natural selection for their timeless mixture of airy vocals with loose, echoed guitar/bass and ambient electronics. This Slovak trio have released just one excellent 6EARS EP (review in Slovak) yet, but their debut album is round the corner and sounds more than promising.

UK bass scene is represented by two names: Hudson Mohawke, Warp-records signed instrumental hip-hop producer and Lone. The latter undeservedly fell into oblivion when compiling last year’s best albums since his Emerald Fantasy Tracks thoughtfully captured notable lush and dreamy tendencies that were palpable during entire 2010. On the top of it, few weeks ago he released Echolations EP which raise the tempo and move from the beach on the sunrise to the club nearby. Probably the strongest name during whole two-days festival is Daedelus, Ninja Tunes representative who enthusiastically and stylishly experiments with all kinds of dance electronic genres. Wilsonic offers even more of everything - fun, inspiration, discovery - something true music fans love.

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