Text 2 Oct 1 note Arborea: Red Planet of folksy dreams

Sweet folk melodies are subconsciously connected to nature. Folk takes a bow to the traditions of old days, when people were closer to the nature and countryside wasn’t just a hollow of nothingness. Also, myths about origins of animals, woods or natural phenomena were much more important and thus the relations to the world of wild living creatures were tighter and somehow, more obvious and real.

Nature belongs to the main inspirations of American couple performing as Arborea. Their closest sounding sibling is their compatriot Marissa Nadler, who was playing some concerts with them. But Arborea are often even more chamber-like and minimalistic and make their arrangements as naked as possible. The main vocals are provided by Shanti Currant, whose whispery soprano is best-suited for the blue mysterious moods Arborea create. However, Arborea have wider pallet of sounds and musical expressions, mainly thanks to range of string instruments they use. Many forms of unusual guitars that are not only for strumming, but also for tender drones in the background (resembling dreamy Mazzy Star) or shady flageolet harmonies. According to their recent activity on SoundCloud it seems that something fresh & new is coming, probably called Red Planet My personal favourite is 7 minute long dark poem called ‘Black is the Colour' that can be listened on their SoundCloud profile.

Latest tracks by Arborea

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